NZ Enduro Championship - Round 3 - Santoft

NZ Covid-19 alert level: 2Still not 100% sure of what is or is not running.
Being pedants, we are only updating the event status when explicitly contacted by the event organisers.
Event CategoryEvent Type
Offroad/Trail Enduro
Rescheduled from Sat 30 May 2020 to Sat 11 Jul 2020


When: Saturday, 11th July 2020
Where: Santoft
District: Manawatu

West of Bulls

Classes: - See the Supplementary Regulations, Classes to cater for everyone including the Intro Trail rider classes (non-championship). For more information and preregistering see
Organiser: Kapi-Mana MCC
Justin Ph: 027 5680540
Murray Ph: 027 4920243
Sign in from: 8:00am
Starts at: 10:00am
Other details:

Championship: National, Central series

All riders competing in New Zealand Enduro Championship classes and who wish to receive points from the event towards the overall Championship and/or the Championship classes must have a current MNZ Championship License on the day of the event.
Riders with MNZ Club or Day licenses can compete in the Championship classes on the day but will not be awarded points for the overall New Zealand Enduro Championship or any Championship class.
Riders with a MNZ Club or a MNZ Day license can earn points towards the NZ Top Trail Riders Nationals on the day and for the Top Trail Riders Series over all.

M.N.Z licence required.

Entry Fee

Fire extinguishers are compulsory.

Pre-register HERE

Supplementary Regulations

New Zealand Championship Dates