MOMCC Club Trial

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Offroad/Trail Trials


When: Sunday, 16th September 2018
Where: Chris Morrison’s, 201 State Hwy 3 , Wanganui
District: Wanganui

From Wanganui: head toward New Plymouth following State Hwy 3 ( main route to N.P.)

From the 100 kph road sign at the edge of Wanganui , the venue is 3 km.

From the Caltex Service Station: , it is 2 km.

Venue will be signposted 200m from gateway and at gate.

Gateway on left , on blind road bend so TAKE CARE.

Classes: - A Grade, Intermediate, President, Clubman, Sportsman, Social. (Twin Shock included)
- New Trials Riders most welcome

Chris has 50 acres and there probably won’t be a rock on the place, so it’ll be banks and hills, and he tells me there is a pine plantation too so maybe a slippery tree root will pop up and get you. I’m sure it’ll be very slippery if wet but we may be lucky as the long term forecast looks ok. Let’s hope so because I’m over cleaning muddy bikes for this year...............

Organiser: Manawatu-Orion MCC
Merv George Ph: 06 323 2509
Kevin Pinfold Ph: 06 326 8666
Sign in from: 9:45am
Riders Briefing: 10:15am
Starts at: 10:30am
Other details:

This event is a bit outside our Manawatu area but Chris is one of our members, and with venues hard to come by at this time of year due to lambing, it was good of Chris to offer his bit of dirt. So we get to travel to Chris’ rather than him traveling over to the Manawatu for a change. Sorry it’s a bit far for you Hawkes Bay and Wellington riders. Not so far for the Taranaki riders but I see they have an event too. So do Ixion with a twin shocking trial at Paraparaumu. One day we’ll all avoid clashing dates!!!!!


MNZ Competition Licence required.

10.30 am to approx. 3pm

2018 MOMCC Trials Calandar

The Club Championship will be held over 5 rounds, with the best 4 results counting towards the Championship.
You must be an MOMCC Member to be eligible for Club Championship points and any trophies.