Whana 150 Endurance XC

Event CategoryEvent Type
Offroad/Trail Cross Country
Rescheduled from Sun 31 Jan 2016 to Sun 28 Feb 2016


When: Sunday, 28th February 2016
Where: Beamish's Awapai, 1100 WhanaWhana Rd, RD9, Hastings
District: Napier/Hastings

Classes: - Gold - will be challenging (as it should be) with Expert type riding
- Silver - will miss the hardest terrain thereby making it a ride that is easy enough for most serious X Country riders, In other words, Clubman or above and definitely not Novice.
- Bronze - is basically a trail ride loop that you need to complete as fast as you can. No serious stuff in this loop that isn’t rideable by GNCC riders. Even Greg can ride this course.

The open farmland will be marked by arrows whilst in the creeks, rivers and big valleys, you will follow bunting tied to trees along the way. This is mainly because there is no other way through, you can’t get lost here and we can’t get the quad in to mark the course.

The 75km loop will have a service stop at the half way stage where you can work on your bike, refuel and have some food. We will transport your fuel to this point if you don’t have a service crew. The Service Check is accessible by car and only 5 minutes drive. This will give you excellent viewing too.

Remember to have two fuel cans. One at the start and one at the service check. Fuel stops will be no more than 40km apart.

Organiser: Power Adventures
Greg Ph: 0274454429
Sign in from: 8:00am
Starts at: 10:00am
Other details:
Sorry about the rescheduling but the freakish weather has made the tracks impossible to ride for most and more importantly, we will wreck the farmers tracks and paddocks which is not the thing to do.
Catch you all on the 287th and 28 Feb

Whana 150

The Whana 150 is going to be a classic. Romaniacs style, it will be a X Country Challenge of 150km including proper X Country terrain which will include, farm paddocks, farm tracks, pine blocks, native blocks, creeks, rivers, big hills, gullies, rocks and more. IT WILL NOT BE IMPOSSIBLE – THAT WE CAN GAURANTEE.

There will be Gold, Silver and Bronze courses so you don’t have to be a Romaniacs expert to ride the Whana 150.

To be eligible for a trophy, you have to complete the 75km loop twice.

There will be staggered Starts with seeding decided by Shane and Greg in consultation with John Rushworth.

Trophies to 10th Place in Gold, Silver and Bronze plus also to 10th place in Ladies and Youth who will ride the Silver course.

You can enter any class you like although GNCC Pro riders must enter the Gold and GNCC Expert Riders are encouraged to enter Gold.

Clubman Riders should enter the Silver (or Gold if you want a challenge) and everyone else the Bronze. Shane and Greg reserve the right to reassign riders to a higher class if we think its appropriate.

Sign on between 8 am and 9 am. Riders will be seeded at the start by class: Gold, Silver, Youth, Ladies, Bronze and seeded from the GNCC results the previous day.

Starting at 10:00 am Sharp – If you are late to sign on you will start at the back of the pack because we will be doing the seeding at 9 am.

You have a maximum of 3 ½ hours to complete the first lap. And 5 Hrs to reach the half way Service check on the second lap. After these times the Gates will be closed and you will be withdrawn from the event. We believe these times are quite achievable for each class.

The Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ladies and Youth trophies have been produced along with the Tilson Cup (first Senior Overall), Awapai cup (first Youth Overall) and the Beamish Cup (first Lady Overall).

Saturday night after the GNCC is a sheep on the spit with buns and coleslaw. Free to those staying over for the Whana 150 on Sunday. Bring your own refreshments and a plate for the dinner.

Free camping on site and some accommodation available by contacting Ellie Tilson on Facebook or ringing 06 8742498 in the evenings between 7 pm and 9 pm.