Darryl Wins Herning: Updated:

Posted: Mon 01 Mar 2004

I asked Darryl if he was still with Fly Racing. He replied: \"No I am not with Fly Racing now as I needed to move from California to Boise. I am now working together with Troy Lee Designs\".

Darryl Atkins is a Kiwi survivor - of the cut and thrust of the international scene and some very traumatic experiences as well.
Here is another of Darryl\'s communications to Silver Bullet:

Troy Lee Designs - troyleedesigns.com/

Hi Everyone

Here is my February Race Report - Herning Supercross 27th/28th February

I flew into Copenhagen, Denmark on the Wednesday before the race to adapt to the different time zone. The track was inside the Herning Messer Center which held 8,000 spectators. This is how my weekend went:

Friday Night:
Heat Race - 1st
Semi Final - 1st
Final - 3rd

My night started out perfect by winning the heat race and then the semi final to advance to the final in pole position. Unfortunately in the final I didn\'t get off to a clean start and was mid pack while entering the second corner when I collided with another rider and went down. By the time I restarted, I was dead last but after some aggressive passing I worked my way back into 3rd position. I was happy with my ride as I was the only rider making passes and the crowd was on my side.

Saturday Night
Heat Race - 2nd
Semi Final - 1st
Final - 1st


Again with some aggressive precise riding I put my TLD Honda on top of the podium. It was a sold out crowd and my night couldn\'t have gone any better. My 3rd place on Friday night and 1st on Saturday gave me the overall and the prestigious King of Herning honor and I also broke the record for being 3 times King of Herning (1997, 2003, 2004.)

I want to thank you all for your great support in helping me achieve another supercross championship to my career.

Kind Regards,
Darryl Atkins
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