Not Us - MNZ:

Posted: Thu 26 Feb 2004

From - Trevor M Gill
Referring to -
Nope, It\'s Cancelled:

Bill, please note that MNZ never did announce a change of date for the last round of the SX. The April 16/17 date came from the facility owners (Cooks Garden) as their alternative date. They announced it without gaining our prior approval.

We did consider using the dates but we have to factor in many more considerations than just stadium availability. In the end the risk analysis weighed against an outdoor event in mid autumn.

We appreciate the hard work that has been put in by Cooks Garden and the Wanganui Club as well as the sponsors. The situation that has brought this about is a once in a 100 year natural disaster.

I hope you can clear up any misunderstandings.

Trevor M Gill