Enduro Rule Changes:

Posted: Wed 25 Feb 2004

New Zealand is to host the 2006 ISDE.

The 2004 FIM Conference Meetings held in Geneva, February 20 to 22 made these decisions and modifications:

Enduro rules:
Course: the total time for a day of competition must be between five and seven and a half hours including the 15 minutes of the last time check, based on B time.
The riders will have 15 minutes to go from this time check to the final time check.

ISDE rules:
Manufacturer\'s Team Award: a rider nominated for the World Trophy of the FIM or the Junior World Trophy may not be a member of more than one Manufacturer\'s Team.
Final test: riders of each group will be allowed access to their motorcycles 5 minutes before the start for the preliminary lap of the course.
No extra time will be permitted for tyre replacements.
The preliminary lap will start immediately after the 5 minutes have elapsed and will be headed by a marshal.