Stefan Says:

Posted: Tue 02 Dec 2003

By - Lexy Thorogood:

Check out the WEBSITE: of Stefan Merriman, the Kiwi born Enduro rider for his profile, photos, events calendar, etc.

Merriman signs with Team UFO Corse to ride Yamaha in 2004:

Current World Enduro Champion, Stefan Merriman has signed an two year agreement to race World and Italian Enduro with Team UFO Corse:

The New Zealand born Australian has revealed he will ride a Yamaha in the upcoming Enduro season. Merriman has had a sterling year with Honda in 2003 winning 250cc class in World Enduro Champs, the prestigious Extreme Lummezane, every round of the Italian Enduro Champs and finished runner up to Stefan Everts at the International Six Days of Enduro in Brazil last month.

After considering a number of offers, Merriman signed with UFO, the Italian based clothing and plastics manufacturer and will begin testing in January 2004 after his contract with his current Honda team, Jolly Racing, is completed.