Riders Association Of Triumph NZ

\"RAT\" is the Triumph factory supported club for Hinckley Triumph enthusiasts. There are groups in most regions, organising Day rides (first Sunday of the month) and social nights (third Wednesday each month) in most regions.

Non-Triumph riders are welcome to join in, except for RAT RAIDs which are for members only.

National RAT RAIDs are factory-supported events held twice a year: a long weekend of good times and great rides. Prizes are donated by the factory and your local dealers. Groups usually leave from Triumph dealers on Thursday and Friday mornings, depending on distances to cover and how many days you can scive off work to spend motorcycling around the country with good mates.

The group has a national email group at autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ratnz for arranging impromptu rides and finalizing details etc.

Please click the Executive link for contact details for the co-ordinator in your region.

For more information, including membership forms, please visit www.triumphnz.co.nz.

Address: National
Most regions
Telephone: 0800 65 24 53
E-Mail: ratnz@terra-nullius.net