Puketapu School Trail Ride

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Offroad/Trail Trail Ride


When: Sunday, 27th March 2022
Where: TBA
District: Napier/Hastings
Classes: - All riders welcome from beginners to experienced trail riders.
- This ride is suitable for 2 and 4 wheelers (ATV's) only.

Slightly different format for Seniors this year with one 60km (approx) loop with A/B splits within.
Ride as many times as you can during the day - no limit.
Late afternoon, some loops will be slowly closed off

Junior Loop and Mini Loop will also be included - lengths tbc

Mark Morice Ph: 0274 356506
Sign in from: 7:30am
Riders Briefing: 9:00am
Starts at: 9:30am
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All riders welcome from beginners to experienced trail riders

This ride is suitable for 2 and 4 wheelers (ATV's) only

As this is a permitted event under MNZ ruling and regulations please read and be aware of the following;


Riders (AND Legal Guardians) must read, understand, sign to abide by and obey these rules prior to taking part in this event.

All riders must:

  1. Sign into the event and supply all requested details on the sign in form.
  2. Read and understand the event rules and sign the PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT.
  3. Wear stickers supplied at registration on your helmet, so they are visible at the start of the ride. If not visible no entry allowed.
  4. Parents/Guardians are to stay with riders 16 years and under whilst on the main tracks at all times. They are your responsibility.
  5. Junior Track is supervised. Riders must obey the Marshals. No riding on the Junior track if you have been out on the main track
  6. Mini Track riders MUST be supervised by an adult.
  7. Ride slowly in the base in first gear. Do not rip up grassy areas. No wheelies.
  8. Compulsory safety clothing - approved helmets in good condition (NO Ag style helmets), motorcycle boots, gloves, long sleeved shirts, and sturdy pants must be worn on the track. No excuses. No gumboots or ankle high work boots. Goggles advised. Take raincoat if wet. If in doubt, please ask.
  9. All motorcycles to be in sound mechanical condition. Event officials reserve the right to stop you from entering the trail if they have safety concerns.
  10. Follow all instructions of event officials and Marshals at all times.
  11. Only use the marked trails within the hours specified. Do not go out on the trails before the trails are open or after the trails are closed.
  12. Stay on the marked tracks. Do not take shortcuts.
  13. Familiarise yourself with the arrow board & track markings. Two crossed arrows indicate the wrong way, down arrow/s indicate slow down for potential danger. More arrows indicate more danger.
  14. NEVER ride or push your machine backwards against the direction of the arrows.
  15. Ride within your capabilities and vision.
  16. If you are passing another rider, it is YOUR responsibility to pass safely. Be mindful of children and beginner riders.
  17. If you break down stay with your bike and let a Marshal know or have another rider advise a Marshal. Be patient. Broken down bikes are collected as/when time allows, often with tail end Charlies.
  18. If injured, stay with your bike near the trail. Try to move to a safe position where you can be seen. Ring the base if you can or wait for help. **The next rider on the scene must stop and assist the injured rider** Make sure that oncoming riders cannot hit the injured person or yourself. Ring/Radio the base phone numbers if there is phone coverage and flag down a Marshal.
  19. Notify the base if you are injured (even small injuries need to be notified) or retire or leave the event early.
  20. Take care when crossing roads, keep left and giveaway to traffic and obey all road rules.
  21. Pillion riders NOT permitted.
  22. Be drug and alcohol free and refrain from smoking.
  23. Light no fires.
  24. Please do not litter. Take your rubbish with you or put in allocated bins provided.
  25. Ask event officials questions if unsure about anything.
  26. Familiarise yourself with the track map supplied on the day.
  27. Lunch will be available from 11:30am.
  28. IN CASE OF EMERENGENCY DIAL 0278 554 990. Flag down a marshal, or send a rider ahead, taking note of the track km marker numbers.
  29. Disclaimer of liability; as organisers, we have made things as safe as we can. You need to be aware that motorcycle events can be dangerous. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with this risk or have any concerns, you need to raise them directly with one of the Senior Officials immediately throughout the events duration. If they cannot alleviate your concerns you should not participate in this event.

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Sign in from: 7:30am - 8:55am
Riders Briefing: 9:00am
Lead Rider Leaves: 9:30am

Entry Fee: $60 per adult rider (15 years and older), $40 per child (14 years and under), $10 mini loop - if intending riding junior loop - $40

A great lunch is included in the entry fee

Spectators may purchase lunch for $10


The local community is right behind this event as it is a major fundraiser to the local Puketapu School.

For a great family fun day and for trail riding with panoramic views come and join us.

Medics On Scene in attendance

Proceeds to the Puketapu School Parent League

MNZ Permit #19326

For the latest updates please follow Puketapu School Trail Ride on Facebook

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