Magic Matau Trail Ride

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Offroad/Trail Trail Ride


When: Monday, 9th March 2020
Where: 676 Junction Road, Matau
District: Stratford

Sign posted from Douglas through Huiroa

Also accessed via Tarata and Purangi

The road from Stratford goes via SH 43 through Toko, turns left onto Douglas Road at Douglas, then right onto Makuri Road at Huiroa, and left onto Mohakau Road, then left at Kiore, through the tunnel and then right at Matau to the venue at 676 Junction Road.

Colin Caskey Ph: 027 222 5424
Graham Fergus Ph: 06 7627 967
Sign in from: 9:00am
Starts at: 10:00am
Other details:

MONDAY March 9th, 2020 (Anniversary day)

$30 Adult course, $10 Junior course, $5 Learner course (flat area)
Includes drink and BBQ sausage